General Psychology

Self Care Planning Through Burnout

Author: Madeline Weber Self care is not a required practice in many jobs. It is a personal responsibility that can easily be overlooked, yet have a major impact. When we aren’t self-caring, we can experience fatigue, lowered productivity, lowered capacity for empathy, and less presence with clients. This is the beginning of a road to […]

February 9, 2024

General Psychology

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Dialectical Thinking and Resolution Making

Author: Brianna Gwathney Frigid temps, slippery sidewalks, high electric bills, and (potential) low motivation to be social and mobile, we welcome January with what could be a very chilly winter. With a new year often comes an array of resolutions:  Some folks aspire to be more physically active while others recognize a need to prioritize […]

January 29, 2024

DBT, General Psychology

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What Are the Benefits of Therapy With a Clinical Intern?

Author: Maddie Mayhew Congratulations, you just made your first step toward elevating your life and reaching your counseling goals! Let’s talk about the benefits of working with a clinical intern. First of all, you may ask who are clinical interns? Clinical interns are Master’s level graduate students in clinical mental health counseling or social work […]

December 27, 2023

General Psychology

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